Viola Web Browser

First released around April 1992. This is the first web browser with inline graphics, scripting, tables, stylesheet.

ViolaWWW Browser circa 1993:


Please note that this archive is kept for historic reason only. This browser project is of course no longer active. The old archive at UC Berkeley is unavailable, and some links are broken. The archive within was restored from backup. Perhaps I should try to organize this material if I find some spare time...

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Welcome to the home of the Viola world wide web hypermedia toolkit. The original Xwindows, independent, experimental, scriptable, object oriented, alternative, etc, web browser. ViolaWWW is an extensible World Wide Web hypermedia browser. Based on and drawing from the Viola scripting language and toolkit, ViolaWWW provides a way to build relatively complex hypermedia applications that are beyond the provisions of the current HTML 3.0 standard. The Viola browser was the very first web browser to support interactive embedded objects, and other features such as tables, input forms, stylesheet.

Viola is a toolkit for hypermedia development, publishing, and browsing. It is basically a toolkit consisting of a scripting language, a graphical user interface, and an object-oriented data storage system. ViolaWWW is an application of the Viola toolkit.

See the ViolaWWW Features List. See the viola distribution README.txt file for info on where to get the viola software.

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Please note that the Viola project is no longer active, although the author still on ocassions work on aspects of the software in private. This website still exists for historical interest and archival reasons.

The Viola paper
A short paper on Viola and ViolaWWW.
The Viola book
Detailed viola documetation.
The ViolaWWW demonstration archive
Demo documents.
Vintage Viola screendumps
Some neat applications of the old viola (1991).
Thoughts on extensible browsers
Abstract for the talk at the Stanford Computer Forum, Sept 20-21, 1994
Regarding Eolas vs Microsoft
My personal comments regarding Eolas vs Microsoft, September 23, 2003

Here are some screen shots of the Viola Browser:
Embedded Plot App:
Embedded Chess App:
Embedded Chat App:
Doodle App:
Input Forms:
Tables Formatting:
Lists Formatting:
Math Equation Formatting:
Dynamic Applet Toolbar:
Pane Formatting:

Viola can be used to build many applications, such as an electronic kiosk version of O'Reilly & Associates' The Whole Internet Catalog. Read about GNN.
Viola Object Classes:
The Whole Internet Catalog:
The Whole Internet Catalog: