Olde Viola Montage

This is a montage of the first version of viola (0.8) released in 1991. This version is now unsupported... It was a spare time project done between classes while the author was an undergraduate. It was heavily influence by HyperCard(tm) concepts.

Current work on the latest incarnation of Viola is continuing! The current emphasis on the World Wide Web, combing HyperText ML and Viola ScriptingLanguage!!!

These screendumps are here for nostalgic (to the author!) and humor values. And, to save the curious the time to find and compile the old viola.

GUIsm Art

The actor-objects in the play respond to the events-script.

The Class Inheretance Hierarchy

GUI Builder/tools

Simple builder

Color selection tool

Library of clone-able objects

Stack Transfer Program

Application launcher

Our Student Organizational Profile

The description text may contain buttons which starts up the member's project.

An interface to the UC Berkeley campus phone directory

A very very mocked up Campus Guide